BobbieLarge 96.2x125.7
BobbieSM 83.1x109mm
(rotates for 4x4 hoops)
Trixielg 109.9x126.5mm(split for
hus and pes multihoops.
Trixiesm 91.30x99.20

Chloelg 109.5x128.6mm)
Chloe4x4 92x99.6mm (rotated)
Chloe_Sew 87.6x103.8mm
AngelChloe 178.4x128.6mm A scene with a butterfly, stars and the word
Wings have applique in a pearlescent sheer. Scan doesn't pick up the
sparkle created. It is a stunning effect.)
Scooterlg 105.5x133mm
Scootermed 78.6x98.9mm
Scootersm 67.6x85mm
HappyTrailslg 129.9x137.7mm
HappyTrailssm 94.5x98.6mm
Car and windshield are applique.

DixieLG 118.4x132.5mm
Dixie_sew 89.3x121.3mm
Multihoop files available.
tulipflowerlg 5303x123.9mm
tulipmed 46.3x100
tulipsm 40.8x95mm
tulipmini 34.4x80.1mm
tulipflowerlg does rotate for 4x4 hoops

Bubbles 129.5x171.2mm (has been rotated)
For smaller hoops, I have separated out the
flower from the bunny and bubble. You can just
stitch the bunny and bubble using a multihoop
(pes,hus,pcs,sew multihoop). Or you can hoop
twice and stitch the flower first, then the
multihoop bubble and bunny.Bubble is applique,
suggested fabric is a pearlescent sheer with
metallic highlights. The scan doesn't do this
justice.There are no gaps on top of the
head..this is highlight in the thread. This
particular applique fabric looks like a real
Seaspritelg 95.4x119.9mm
Seaspritemed 90.1x113mm (rotates
for 4x4)
Seaspritesm 74.9x95
Tulipbow 92x96.1mmt

Binkielg 95.5x103.7 mm
Binkiemed 90.7x98.7mm
Binkietiny 75.8x80

Boopsie (without rose)
BoopsieRose 99.4x99.9mm
Buntopper 95.3x80.6mm
Twavis 89.1x109.3mm
rotates for 4x4 hoops
LoveIs 99.5x80mm
Boybow 120x82.7mm
Mulithoop files available.
rainbow 82.7x78.2
This is hard to see, but it is liquid
fill with a gold overlay of liquid fill
stitch as well. The white portion
can be a cloud or whitecap.
Tinybinkie with wings
There is a grassy patch at
his feet. This is a scan
from my book.

Bertielg 111.7x116.4mm
Bertiemed 96.7x99.7mm
Bertiesm 89.7x92.2
Wings and egg have applique in a
pearlescent sheer. Scan doesn't pick up
the sparkle created. It is a stunning effect.
This isn't your ordinary machine embroidery design collection!
There is a children's book, Bobbie Saves the Day, that you
can actually embroider and make as a wonderful keepsake
gift using the designs from this set. See the link below for
more information about the possibilities of this set.
Bunnyfly Tales
Girlbow (above)
100.7x120mm, split
for hus/pes
multihoops. Same
as on the left minus
Cleo 100.7x120mm, split for hus/pes
Champ 99.4x99.6mm (Ribbon is added in
the applique process. Center is applique.
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2015 Stephanie Potts
Copyright stipulations can be accessed from the home page.
Instructions supplied as Adobe pdf format files.
Designs sold as a collection only.
Thank you Linda Dryer for this
picture of your Bunnyfly Tales book!
Thank you Pat B. for sending a picture of your Bunnyfly book.
Thanks to my Pfaff tester, Karen,
for this picture. I love the bow
closure she added.