I have written and illustrated a children's Easter Story which can be embroidered on provided page
graphics and bound into a lovely keepsake gift. Each page of the book comes two different ways:
ready to embroider and fully illustrated. You can choose to embroider the entire book, or every other
page. Or if you need a quick gift to accompany that cute T-shirt you made with my Bunnyflies, you
can just print the entire book. Below you see a sample of the ready to embroider pages (left) and
the fully illustrated page (right). The designs in the center are suggested for this page. You can
even add other little designs or change the position of the designs to make your project unique.
There are 8 pages plus a cover and title page. Placement of the design is easy and precision
placement isn't necessary. I printed a template from my software and used it to "eyeball" placement
on all of my pages. The design collection comes bundled with a pdf file containing guidlelines for
making the book as well as both sets of page graphics. This is a VERY large set and requires
multiple emails to deliver. If you wish a disc to be mailed to you, please email so that I can set that
up for you.
Pages come as pdf files and can be printed from a free viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader. You must
have version 5 to read these files.
For embroidered pages, you print the graphic provided to fabric prepared for inkjet printing or a
T-shirt transfer and then add the embroidery. I applied a sealant to my computer canvas to
make the pages waterproof.
The copyright for my book is different than that for the designs. The book may not be used
for profit or commercial use.
You may only use if for personal use if you have purchased
Bunnyfly Tales, Bobbie Saves the Day designs from Thread Sketches. This applies to both the
printed or preillustrated book pages, the embroidery ready pages, the story and characters.
The art, the book, and the computer data that makes up the designs themselves are all
copyrighted. The title page MUST be included in any version, printed or embroidered, that you
make for personal use or give as a gift. It contains my copyright statement and must
accompany the book.
Here are a couple of pictures of the book I embroidered.
Bunnyfly Tales