Sampsonlg 152.2x126.6mm
sampsonsm 99.4x83.3mm
applique sign
DanielBoone 99.7x85.2mm
Indmoresmores 72.8x128.4mm
split for hus,pes multihoops
Cocoa 66.5x64.10mm
On of my testers made a clock face (left) with
this design. Notice the small marshmallow pair.
These make great corners or borders and they
are included in the set. The exact clock
arrangement is NOT included. This is my tester's
handiwork with various designs in this set. I do
include a version of cocoa above sporting an
eyelet in place of his nose if you want to make a
clock face.
Small pieces included:

country heart
country flake
chocolate drop
marshmallow border/corner
small flakes

flakes 86.9x130.9mm
split for hus,pes

Look closely for the flakes surrounding. These are
difficult to capture in the scan. They are delicate
and very showy done in silver metallic.
cowpoke 92.1x91.6mm
firemansmore 94.3x82.2mm
burnt 57.2x60.4mm
NOTE: These are separate designs.
Graham 124.1x128.6mm
grahamsm 99.8x99.6mm

chipper 33.6x38.4mm

angelsmore 89.5x94mm
cooksmore 96.2x90.1mm
Holding wire whisk, cup towel,
rubber spatual and measuring
muff 95.8x99.2mm

badboy 84.4x89.7mm
He has his traffic whistle,
cuffs and morning doughnut.
elfsmore 83.4x82.1mm
Camp Christmas
Design Collection $34.99
small flakes included
gonefishinlg 152.2x126.6mm
applique sign
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sample download
sample download