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2004, Stephanie Potts
Same design as left, but without the optional
button on 3d piece.
Projects and Alternate
Unique snowflakes combining whimsy and sophistication in an icy pastel color pallette are
wonderful for winter embroidery projects. These flakes won't melt after Christmas either!
They'll last all winter to brighten up any project. Most have some applique element using
pearlescent sheers or a sheer fabric with metallic thread running through. These designs
just beg for metallic threads and variegated pastels for the detail stitching. Take it one step
further and apply heat set chrystals scattered around your flakes for some added sparkle.
Copyright Stipulations can be found from the home page.
A close up of Nora's sweatshirt shows the heat set chrystals she added.
A Chance of Snow
Design Collection

Once again, Nora has created such a cute item with designs she tested.
She was brave to test them on the final project, LOL. She used heat set
jewels to accent the designs. Closeups are below.
Yet another sweatshirt Nora used the Chance of Snow designs on. You can
see the jewels she added. Thank you for testing and sending these pictures
Instructions supplied in Adobe PDF format.
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