discoratlg 99.2x80.7mm
weedisco 70x57.1mm
minidisco 60x48.9mm
weestayinalive 90.1x66.3mm
arialg 91.3x80mm
weearia 68.3x60mm
miniaria 56.8x50.1mm
giggleslg 71.5x150mm
weegiggles 47.7x100mm
For the large file, multihoop/plus hoop files
available. Also split files for pcs and sew, with
arf files included.
carmelapplelg 179.2x92.5mm
carmelapplemed 115.1x59.4mm
carmelapplesm 80.1x41.4mm
Files for brother and viking
multihoops for med. size available
stickysituationlg 179.2x92.5mm
stickysituationmed 115.1x59.4mm
Multihoop files available for med.
size pcs,pes,hus.
mouseontoplg 129.8x166.4mm
mouseontopsm 115.1x145.1mm
Multihoop files available for
medium size pcs, pes, hus
Capt. Kernal 157.5x95.5
Also in multihoop files for hus, pes, pcs.
Split files for sew format with arf files
(Popcorn above the mouse was added
separately to the design. The design
comes with 6 pieces of popcorn.)
Note: You can make your own popcorn
garland by embroidering over some
embroidery floss or yarn. I suggest a
topping over the string that you use
before stitching popcorn.

Mouseparty (without words)right 115.1x145.1mm or
CandyAppleCapers(with word, see top of page)
This design fills a 5x7 hoop. You can still do this with a
smaller sewing field. Combine msetop multihoop files
and add mini aria on the left and mini disco on the right.
Available in the set only.

An example of a kitchen towel with
corner treatment using the smallest
carmel apple. I include the file in the
set without charge. 117.7x117.1mm.

popcorntopper 74.9x94.9mm
mushroom 84.4x69.9mm
Candy Apple Capers
Design Collection $40.00
Order the set and get instructions and printable
graphics for this project included.

Designs from this
collection are
featured in an
article in the
20004 issue.
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