Copyright 2001 by Stephanie Potts.
ep001 79.9x120.9
ep001sm has been rotated and slightly scaled to fit
smaller hoops.

ep011 167.1x97.6mm
ep003 (ep0011 without sign) 167x92.8mm
ep003sm 97.5x99.9mm (scaled and rotated)
ep010 (bunny trail sign done with kid's font) 45x50mm
For small hoops, you can combine ep003 and ep010, rehooping after the sign
stitches. Placement is nonspecific for this so rehooping is easy.
Sorry, my scan is a bit dark, there is a screen shot below.

ep005 103.9x118.5
ep005sm 84.3x95.9mm.

ep004 90.3x114.8m
ep004sm 98.6x99.5mm

ep006 88.2x78.2mm

ep007 39x36mm

ep008 43.6x51mm

ep009 51.8x47.5mm

ep002 169.2x96.6
Split files for smaller sewing fields available, customized for plus hoop.
Thank you to Theresa for sending the scan.

ep012 56.5x85mm

ep012girl 56.5x85mm

Cotton Tales
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