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Pantry Pals Collection
Mikhaila designed this jumper. We found a plain
jumper pattern, and she planned everything out. I
used the Mousetag design from What's My Line
Collection for the button box. I just left out part of
the wording and put the word Buttons in the blank,
turned it upside down and it looks like the little mouse
has shaken the button box and scattered buttons on
the dress. She picked out some colorful buttons from
my button bin to add. The dress border has the
sewing mice all around it. I want to make a belt by
stringing some of the little decorative pastel colored
spools...hmm, or a measuring tape might be cute for
a little tie belt. She wants to get a wrist pin cusion
to wear as a bracelet. We had so much fun with this
Lyn made this outit for a
friend with cancer. She
sewed buttons onto the
cuffs of the pants to tie
everything together. You
can check out Lynn's
designs at A Design By
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