Faces in the mood meter from left to right are :
woeful, sad, contented, happy, glee. The mood
meter can be sewn in a 5x7 hoop. The marking
pattern and wording are separate so that 4x4
hoops can achieve the design with rehooping. One
of my testers used the brother 300 machine to do
this design and mixed and matched the faces to
suit her. To the right is a tshirt I made. Notice the
blue background? This is a a foggy blue
background created in Paintshop Pro, printed on a
glossy tshirt transfer, ironed on the shirt and then
embroidered. The tshirt transfer actually makes
embroidery on a knit easier and I didn't have to
use solvy. Top picture shows the marking pattern
before snaps are added. Upper right, snaps are
added. Lower right, Janet used velco pieces from
"Get-A-Grip" instead of snaps to make this easy
for little hands. Thanks to Teri, Pat and Janet for
their scans.
em009 63.4x62.6mm
em005 89.1x76.9mm
(Face is called "kidding"
and is available as a
separate file.)
em008 112.1x104.1mm
for 4x4 frames: em008_
4x4 (rotated for your
for sew format: em008sew
em010 (larger thumbs up)
em001main and em001arrow 179.4x129.1mm
for 5x7 hoops or larger or use the separate
marking pattern, arrow and faces of your choice to
create a mood meter by rehooping. Each face is
around 41x50mm.
em011, face on tee 78.5x85.7mm
em012, just the tee and grass (great for combining the
"ball" of your choice) 78.5x40mm.

(Face is called "duh" and is available as a separate file.)
em003 79.5x86.3mm
Thanks for stitching Betty!
Copyright 2001 by Stephanie Potts.
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