twiddles 135.7x109.5mm split only for Janome
#5. All other 4x4 machines can us the design

Buggsie 99.5x98.9mm
rotates for .sew
valentine heart 99.1x93.3mm
Rotates for .sew.
Gizmo 83.9x88.1mm
spbutterfly 97.2x99.1mm
Rotated for .sew.
large 124.3x96.8mm
small 93.6x99.1mm (rotated for .sew)
liquidbutterflyhalf 83.6x84.2mm
Dandilynn 91.8x95.8mm Rotated
for .sew.
Archie 96.1x110.6
Split files for Janome #5, HUS plus hoop, and
pes multihoop available.
babytwiddles 92.8x78.8mm
sniffles 99.0x93.1mm Rotated for .sew.
Lovesong 74.4x67.1mm
heartblock L 85.8x96.1mm
heartblock J 85.8x96.1mm
Designs with this symbol, *, have applique for the wings. They can be sewn without the applique. Using the
suggested fabric for applique creates a sparkling and stunning effect, which doesn't scan. This set is fun to
experiment with color. Color documents give suggestions. Some scans below were done by testers, using
their own creativity with color and fabric.
Enchantments Design Collection
Sample download. The pdf file requires the latest version
of Adobe Reader.
This uses the applique technique found in
the wings in this set, the heartblocks in Romance Collection, and
on some of the Bunnyfly wings in Bunnyfly Tales.
Because I cannot scan these designs and show you how truely
beautiful they are, you can try this sample for yourself. It is great
for towels because the applique will hold down the loops.
Included is a blank block, one for 50th and 25th anniversaries.
Add your monogram to the blank one. You will need an
opalescent sheer in white for the applique fabric.
2003 by Stephanie Potts.
Copyright Stipulations can be found from the home page.
Instructions supplied in Adobe PDF format only.
These designs are sold only as a collection.
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