Flying Machines Design
Collection $44.99
2013 by Stephanie Potts.
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Rufus$4.99 120.6x91.9mm
Shepfighter $4.99 128.6x96.1mm
Beagle bomber $4.99
148.1x123.8mm or 128.8x107.6mm
Shaggy $4.99 128 x 111.7mm
Butch $4.99 128.6x100.9
Ringo $4.99 109.7x98.7mm
Tabbyfighter $4.99
Redbaron $4.99
Tiggy $4.99 117.8x91.9mm
Cheesewhiz $4.99
125.1x98.5 mm
Chester $4.99
Felix $4.99
147.8x111.7mm or
Plane 1 46.9x47.7mm
Plane 2
Plane 3 47.7x45.7mm
Plane 4 43.5x47.5mm
Plane 5 49.1x49.3mm
I couldn't resist playing the music that inspired this set. I started making an
adorable baby quilt (or quiet book...whatever it will be in the end) including
splitting up the song lyrics and using the words "dogs" or "cats" in place of the
word "men. I had some fun with the words by making them loop-d-loop, grow
bigger or smaller on a line, or even have them upside down. I have a couple of the
squares below under "Projects".
Project in the making. Started out to be a quiet book...maybe a baby quilt. These are just a
few of the ones I have made. Obviously this is a parody of the movie song, so I do not provide
the lettering files in the set. This is just my little project idea.
Those magnificent dogs in their flying machines,
They go up tiddly up up;
They go down tiddly down down.

They enchant all the people and steal the scenes
With their Up tiddly up up
And their down tiddly down down.

Up, down, flying around,
Looping the loop and defying the ground.
They're all frightfully keen
Those magnificent dogs in their flying machines.

They can fly upside down with their feet in the air.
They don't think of danger they really don't care.
(I use the beagle bomber for this one. I make the
first line above the design, turned upside down.)

Newton would think he had made a mistake
To see those young pups and the chances they'll
take. (I use Ringo for this one.)

Those magnificent dogs in their flying machines,
They go up tiddly up up
They go down tiddly down down
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