Gospel Armor
Collection $34.99
2007 by Stephanie Potts.
Copyright Stipulations can be found from the home page.
Instructions supplied in Adobe PDF format.
4given 85.4x57.6mm, 4givenequation
173.6x57.5mm $4.99
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allcreatures 142.9x119.9mm $4.99
armormouse 146.4x113.5mm (comes
both with thin and thick letters)
belt 71.1x22.8mm $3.99
sandal 66.6x28.9mm $3.99
shield 71.3x72.1mm
sword 23.2x90mm $3.99
breastplate 60.9x73.2mm $3.99
helmet 53.7x62.3mm $3.99
strongtower 118.9x173mm
gofish2 121.2x62.8, also
rotated for the 4x4 hoop
Gen1_25 178.7x129.9mm
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