Eye of Newt, 65.9x72.2mm
Boris the Broom,
167.2x96.3 mm
Split files for hus, pes
and pcs; sew format arf
files included.
hn005D1--customized for the designer 1 large hoop.
hn005plus-customized for the Viking plus hoop or for machines with a 4x4 sewing
hn005sew-Sew format
hn005-Artista (155x200mm hoop)
hn005a and hn005b-two files for 5x7 hoops that are easily placed to form large design.
(Brother 8500 for example.)

spider and sign (fits pfaff large hoop; multihoop files for hus and pes)
ghost alone (fits pfaff large hoop, 4x4 hoops)

Since the finished design is dependent upon placement, I have given hoop sizes above.
For example, my placement gave me a design that was 150x260mm.
Designs for this set are not sold individually.
Set instructions are supplied as text files.
Copyright 2000-2001 by Stephanie Potts
Herman the Haunt, 99x89mm
Slimebarlg 20x106.6 mm (rotate for
a small hoop)
Slimebar 16.4x80.3mm
Both bars fit in the 4x4 hoop. Try
one on the top of a pocket, with
little Herman the Haunt as the
pocket topper behind the slimed
Egor, 86x99.6mm
Vladimir, 80.8x11.6mm
Hortence the Horrible, 72.8x86.3mm
**hair can be fringed!**
Mikhaila Mop, 174x70.7 mm
Split files for hus, pes and pcs,
sew format arf files included.
Hortence2, 57.3x72.2mm
Best Friends,117.8x74.7mm
Multihoop fies for pes and hus
This ghastly ghoul is available for 5x7 hoops. For 4x4 hoops the design is
split at the neck for easy reassembly. Changing a few colors can stretch
the versatility of your design library.
hn006--for 5x7 hoops
p2hnoo6,p3hn006--for Viking plus hoop pes and pfaff multihoop or for machines
with a 4x4 field
hn006sew--all the files needed for Sew format. Doesn't require rehooping.
Spooky Window 97x97.6mm
Sew on black fabric or as above with black
fabric applique. Also available
89.1x89.8mm. (smwindowspooky)
Shutter 74.1x70.2mm
pile of purr, 118x104.3mm
pileofpurrsm, pileofpurrtiny missing
one kittie and resized to fit smaller
hoops and Janome. All sizes
Spirits Welcome 128x177mm, Fits 5x7 hoops.
Also available with/without lettering, 170x95.1mm, split
and customized for pes and hus multihoops. Split files for
cnd, pcs, sew can be used to make the design with
rehooping. Arf file for sew format included. For
multihoops, wording is a separate hooping.
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