Raggedy Homespuns
Collection Price: $44.99

143.1x88.3mm, 67.2x106.6mm
rotates for small hoops.

raggedywalks 99.7x66mm

ragtagboy 69x67.3mm

ragtaggirl 73.2x 68.1mm

hobbyhs 99.5x80.9mm

125x69mm, 97.4x98.8
resized and rotated.

toyhorse 89.3x89.5mm

raggedies2 105.7x106.8mm rotated for
SEW and PCS, multihoops for hus and
pes 4x4 limited machines.

raggedyhobby 93.9x99.8mm
rotated for SEW format

99.3x98.4mm resized and

raggedyrocklg 145.2x116mm,

kindred spiritslg 122.5x124.6mm,
98.3x99.4mm but no wording on the small

99.1x86.9 after rotation

raggedyhorsey 149.1x123.1 or

raggedyangel 90.3x98.2mm

raggedysits 95.5x78.6mm

raggedysailslg 128.8x1116.8mm,
sm 98.9x89.7mm

raggedycouple 95.6x89.3mm

rainorshine (quilted or solid
applique) 1228.8x90.6

rotates for se, pcs. Mulithoops
for hus, pes 4x4 machines.

2004 Stephanie Potts
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