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robinsnoel 44.7x129.8
split for hus/pes plus hoops
2004 by Stephanie Potts
All the bulbs are rotated different ways, but they all
fit a 4x4 hoop. If the bulbs were placed up and
down (no rotation) they would be about 107x65mm.
My kids spend hours gazing at all the twinkling lights and watching their
reflections in the tree ornaments. These bulbs reflect the little characters that
linger to admire our Christmas tree. They stitch quickly. And you can scatter
them on a sweatshirt or tree skirt and then stitch a row of green rickrack
near the plug end of the bulb. Curve the rickrack over and under the
differently rotated bulbs to represent a light strand.
Nora is a tester of mine. She sent a picture of what she did with this
set of designs. She used green rickrack to make the cord for her light
strand. The small candies are sample downloads over at Stitch Garden
in their group files area at yahoo groups. Thank you Nora for sharing.
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