It's Alive
157.8x112, 99.6x74.9mm
The professor and his pooch are available
separately as
madscientist 155x 92.4mm or98.8x61.8mm
frankenchiuahua or
pedro (chihuahua without the frankenstien collar
and scar)65.5x42.9mm (stitch in variegated
thread to left)
Multihoop files for the professor alone are
provided for pcs, pes, hus

Killer 68.1x57.4mm
Einstein (also without
Molecule 74.5m99.1mm
Atom 98x89.5mm
Microscope 75x53.3mm
Bubbles can be
added above the
flasks, tubes, or
even the slime.
Bobblecatcenter 91.6x81.9mm
Bobblecatleft 95.5x92.8mm
Bobblecatright 99.4x75.4mm
Caution 78.7x84.3mm

Eurika 99.9x63.8mm,

Warning 29.4x81.9mm

LaserRad 99.2x73mm

Slime 59.8x98.1mm

126.8x57.5mm (rotates
for 4x4 hoops)

Thread Sketches
2003 by Stephanie Potts
Edison 79.5x98mm

Lettering fits 4x4
hoops. Thanks to Char
for her super ideo-
deliciouso inspirations
for the lettering.

Fits 5x7 hoop, but
separate files
provided for 4x4
hoops except SEW.

Mad Science
Design Collection
While the warning, Caution, Laser Radiation, flask, beaker, and microscope designs
are made from public domain/royalty free clipart, the data that comprises the
embroidery designs is copyrighted by Thread Sketches.

Click to view the Bonus Material included with this set.
Click to view the Bonus Material included with this set.
Note on size: Larger versions of designs are provided in original
format if they will not convert. There is a version that will work with
4x4 hoops for all designs.
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