Copyright 2000-2001 by Stephanie Potts
Instructions are supplied as text documents.

Mikhaila's Angel 89.8x98.1mm
This is not fringe technique.
nat005 $5.00 8908x98.1mm
nat002 97.6x67.4mm
nat001 96.4x87.4mm
nat003jb 200.8x223mm no wording
nat003jbw 200.8x278.2mm with words
nat003med 99.8x148.6mm files split for plus
hoop available
nat003sm 90.1x99.9mm no words
**The only home macines on the market as of
10/20/00 that will handle the largest size are
the Designer 1 and the Newest Brother machine.
Both require 3 hoopings of the large hoop.

Jacket back size, tested on
several commercial machines.
Click on buy button to left. $9.99
Small design sew out
pr001 169.3x99.4mm Split files available. For
pcs, this must be rehooped.
pr002 97.4x85.1mm This
angel has double wings.
pr003 30.1x25.6mm
nice for a matching effect on a
collar or other small area.
pr004 65x55.4mm
nat006 54.6x99.2mm
nat008 52.6x99.2mm
nat009sm (split for plus hoop-4x4 files) (designs combine
to around 100x130mm)
nat009D1 fits designer1 large hoop 147.5x198.8mm
nat009med fits 5x7 hoops 127.8x177.5mm
nat009ult for the new brother machine 157.8x212.8mm
nat007 95.8x100mm
camel 125.9x114.7mm
wreathsm 95.4x99 mm
doves,3sz 68.9x72.2mm,
44.4x46.6mm, 34x35.7mm

Scan doesn't do the gold overlay
NinoCelestesm 98.2x99.6mm (sew
format rotated to fit)
NinoCeleste 144.8x126.5mm
Shepherdssm 114.5x63.6mm
(rotated slightly)
Shepherds5x7179.4x76.6mm OR
Shepherds for pes,hus, pcs
multihoops 168.8x71.8mm
Copyright Info
Joseph 63.5x98.7mm
Nativity Design
Collection $34.99
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