Notice the baby comes as a girl
(with little curls at the neck) or a
boy. There is a tiny bow that can
be positioned where you like. To
the left you can see how I rotated
the bow and placed to one side of
the head. The bow can be used
on any of the babies.
Sometimes my testers get a kick out of seeing
the sketches I digitize from. This is a drawing I
did of one of my children.
Another drawing of one of my
babies. Notice the design comes
in two sizes. Also, most babies
in this set come as little angels as
well. You'll notice below the wings
added to the applicable designs.
Copyright 2001 by Stephanie Potts.
Instructions supplied as text files.
No individual design purchases rom this set.
bab001 67.6x94.9mm
bab001sm 56.9x79.9mm
The scan doesn't do it justice.
There is shading on the body so
he looks like a stuffed animal. 2
sizes available

bab002 89.8x81.2mm
bab002sm 39.8x33.3mm
3 sizes available
bab003 80.2x79.2 mm
bab003med 60.1x59.5mm
bab003sm 30.1x29.7mm
bird 25.9x27.3mm
very small, but so cute
No wings on this file.
bab004 95x61.4mm $4.50

Notice the wings on this baby.
bab009 112.2x77mm
If you have a 4x4 hoop, I have rotated the design to
fit your hoop:
bab0094x4 97x9x87.8mm

This is the only design on this page that requires 2 hoopings for 4x4 field machines. The design fits in 5x7 hoops. I provide
split files for smaller hoops, but you will have to rehoop once. Notice that the design on the left is a girl...she has little curls
hanging down. The bow from below can also be added. The cloud that sews for this design has a smooth fill.
bab005 130x126.7mm
bab005girl 130x126.7mm

bab007 72.1x83.7mm
bab007girl 72.1x83.7mm
bab007girlwithbow 72.1x83.7mm
Bow file is included in the Collection.
Notice again that the baby on the right is a girl.
The designs will rotate to fit 4x4 hoops and those
files are available.
bab008 130x83.7mm
bab008girl 130x83.7mm
This design in two sizes:
bab011 127.9x156mm
The baby and blanket are also broken down into
a separate file for your convenience.
butterfly 19.2x16.9mm
Another tiny design. It can be
easily added to another file for a
nice effect.
bab014 119.7x123.2mm 99x99.5mm

This design can be rotated to fit in 4x4 hoops and
those files are available.
bab012 75x103mm
Note that there is a silver bell hanging around the little
fellows neck. The metallic thread did not scan well
against the white fill. The fill is designed to blend with
the garment color for a neat three dimensional
effect...looks very wooley.
This design is available in a smaller version for
smaller hoops. The large file is also available in
split files customized for the plus hoop. The files
are split at the wording, so recombining is very
easy for other formats. I also incude just the
baby and frame without words in the complete
bab006 95.7x124.5mm
bab006sm 76.9x99.6mm
This started out as just a boy elephant. My tester
Peggy insisted on an "Elly" to go with her "Edgar".
Both the girl and boy versions are included when
ordering this file.
bab013 81.9x53.7mm $5.00
This design is available in 2 sizes.
The small size has been rotated for
.sew format to fit in one hooping.
The cloud is sculpted.
bab017new 136x129.1mm
bab017smnew 99.2x99.2mm
bab010lg 89.4x94.9mm
bab010sm 67.6x79.9mm
Available in two sizes.
bab016g2 122.8x150.2mm
bab016sm2 79.9x97.9mm
sculpted cloud 105.7x50.8mm
Rotated file for 4x4 hoops
art,csd, dst, hus, jef, pcs,pes, sew, xxx
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