Some images shown are scans of tester's stitchouts. Colors are given for a black and
white cat and a brown dog. If you like the animals with variagated threads, the tester
who did these suggests the following:
Sulky 2133 (coffee browns variagated)
Sulky 2120 (dark browns variagated)
Sulky 2127 (dark taupes variagated)
The fuzzy outline stitches and furry shading on the cat's face are ideal spots for these
threads to be used. Color stops are left in to allow you to experiment with shading.

Purchase both the Pound Hounds Design Collection the Kitty Claws Design Collection and get the
Miniscule Meeses free! The following set is only available as part of this special offer.

These mice are very small. They are proportioned so that you can use them
alongside of the designs in Pound Hounds or Kitty Claws design collections.]
Not available separately.

Dog paw, applique design
for short pile fur.

Resized for Janome, rotated for pcs
multihoop. Split for hus and pes, but right
top mouse is separated.
angeldog 105.8x104.8mm
Resized slightly for 4x4 hoops.
leaddawg 84.6x125.7mm
Multihoop files available
Resized for .sew.
Santadog 84.6x125.7mm
Multihoop files available.
Resized for .sew.
bewitcheddog 84.6x108.8mm
Multihoop files available.
Flopsiedog 84.7x130.1mm
Multihoop files available.
Resized for .sew.
iluvnydog 89.3x116.8mm
Multihoop files available.
officerfriendly 88.9x107.5mm
Multihoop files available.
doctordog 84.4x99.9mm
Multihoop files available.
patriotdog 84.4x98.10mm
split for hus and pes
multihoops and resized for .sew
The examples below will show you how small the mice are
in relation to designs from Pound Hounds and Kitty Claws.
nursedog 4x4 hoop
Pound Hounds
Design Collection
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