sw001 80x163.3mm
split files for the plus hoop.

sw002 $4.00
dandilion 98.2x81.7mm

sw005 28.2x23.4mm This head
is much smaller than the design
above. Great for collars.
sw004 $3.00
The mouse's head in this
design is 31.3x47.6mm.
wanted 160.6x139.3mm
This example is done with
Embird's Sfumato stitch. You
could also use tshirt transfers.
clickmybuttonslg 114.8x94.6mm
thimblmouselg $4.99
77.6x79. 9mm

pinmouse (with or without
grey "hairs" on chest)
90.2x67.8mm $4.99
Possibilities are endless. Sew with or without applique, leave the applique
untrimmed to look more realistic (see above) or trimmed. Use the design
without applique, insert your own (perfect for Sfumaoto Stitch) design, or use
a tshirt transfer image in the hoop center. There is even a design of cheese
holes...just hoop some yellow fabric and use the holes as the pattern inside
the hoop (top RT). Voila, your mouse has stitched himself some cheese. And
if you lift up the applique in the above picture, you will see the bottom hoop
underneath...so realistic. The hoop design is available in large (upper left),
medium (upper right) and small size (4x4 hoops and Janome hoop) Keep in
mind that the design area inside the hoop is not the same for all sizes.
There is even a tail that you can add if you want the hoop blank and only the
mouse holding the hoop. "My Masterpieces" lettering not included.
Pins $3.99 (42.8h)
You'll have fun with these.
Stitch just the top half of the
row of pins for a pocket topper,
the bottom half on the pocket
itself. Or make a border with
the pins. Also comes as a single
pin, top half of a single pin,
bottom half of a single pin,
bottom half of row, top half of
row, crossed pins. This would
be cute with the dancing mouse
holding pins above with these
pins scattered around him.
sw003sm $6.50 99x81.8mm
sw003 $7.50 150x123.8mm
sw007cheeselg $3.50
smallmorsel 7733x82.8mm $5.00
javamouse 88.8x94.8mm,
This is applique. I've used
Embird Sfumato stitch to put
a picture of my children on
the cup.
lastdrop 88.8x94.8mm
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