Backbear3: 3.86x3.02
Copyright 2000 by Stephanie Potts
*Patch: 3.87x4.36 Inc. files
for bear alone.
*Indicates split files included to accommodate 4.4 hoops.
*Hug: 3.83x4.69 plus hoop
Mousehead2: 3.04x3.15
Lgtailormse: 3.63x3.90
Buttonmouse: 3.25x3.85
*Dancebear: 3.43x3.19
plus hoop inc.
Floss: 2.35x1.16
(Fringe design)
Bigrose4: 3.85x2.54
*Flossdaily: 4.04x6.98 (Fringe
element in embroidery skeins.)
*Hula: 3.43x4.50 (Grass skirt is fringe!)
Plus hoop split incl.
*Miles: 3.46x5.93
plus hoop inc.
*Maddy: 3.89x6.56 plus
hoop inc.
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