Cavi Tee 59.1x82.4mm
Flossy 81.7x119.1mm prior to
rotation. This fits a 4x4 and
is rotated as such.
Family Dentistry 98.3x67.7mm
Toofpaste 106x134.3mm or
Large version is available split for
hus/pes multihoops.
Toof Fawee 101.9x123.2mm or
99.4x80.9mm $5 Large version
is available split for pes/hus
Toofbrush 101.7x124.1mm or
Large version is available split
for hus/pes multihoops.
Prizetoof 99.3x95.5
Construction 91.2x116.3mm
Rotates for a 4x4 hoop.
Sudsy(appliqued tooth)
or 96.6x98.9mm
Largest size edited and rotated
for hus/pes sm hoops.
Lost Tooth 132.8x103.6mm
Splits for hus/pes multihoop.
Tooth Fairy Wallet
Wallet front/back, top left
Wallet inside left/right,
bottom left
5x7 hoop version pictured.
This is a child's wallet. You
put your tooth in the front
pocket (above) and place it
under your pillow. The tooth
fairy places her deposit in the
wallet. The right side inner
wallet panel can be
customized with a pocket,
lettering, etc. A snap on the
back of the hand closes the
wallet. (Plus hop file doesn't
have a hand.)
Swish 41.7x96.2mm
Teeth 98.3x67.7mm
Flossbox (applique)
Bristles 127.4x29.3mm
Rotates for 4x4 hoop.
Missed Milestones

As I am getting bigger, going to school each day,
there are sure to come some milestones you'll miss along the way.
Why, just today, in my homeroom
And event occured to make you swoon.

You know that tooth that I've been wiggling,
fussing days on end at jiggling?
It had hung bravely by a thread
But now there is a whole in my head.

That teeny tiny tooth of mine--
I worked so hard to make it shine.
It's now tucked safely in my pocket.
Ain't I cute, with that empty socket?

Now don't cry Mom that you have missed this.
The tooth fairy will come and get this.
And in its place I'll find some cash
And stick it in my little stash.

I've many more teeth that will come out,
so dry your eyes and let's not pout.
Hey, I think I feel a wiggle,
Why don't you give this tooth a jiggle.

ChopperDoc 109.3x97.5mm
split for pes/hus multihoop
msetooth 79x39.9mm
Thanks to Betty, one of my testers.
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