Turkey Trots (rotated to fit the 5x7 hoop at
mm) 119.9x129.8mm
Turkeytrotssm 98.9x89.4mm
End Zonelg 128x167.7, small 97.9x128.3mm
EndZonesm 97.9x128.3mm, also
Split for pes/hus multihoops

Cookielg 140.4x129.2mm, 97x89.4mm

Fallfriendslg 126.9x112.10mm. 99.1x89.4mm
You cannot see the snow well, but the snowman is
sitting on a little bank of snow. See pic to right.
Snowpumpkin 57.8x97mm
Bearlyfall 94.8x99.7mm,
pilgrimlg (tray is applique) 161.7x129.8mm
pilgrimsm, rotated in hoop 99.1x99mm

leaf 47.4x39.10
leaf1 78.8x78.9mm
leafrow1 81.8x42.3mm
leafrow2repeating 151.4x59mm
kemosabelg 135.7x129.9mm
kemosabesm 94x92.8

turkeyday 93.3x98.8mm
or turkeytopper by itself 93.3x59.5mm
santaturkeylg 135.7x119mm
santaturkeysm 99.9x87.9mm
2003 by Stephanie Potts
eagleplayer 79.8x91.9
Turkey Trots
Design Collection

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