Twinkle Twigs
2003 Stephanie Potts
Ginger 66.1x87.3mm
optional applique face
(white in hat is stitched)
Twigs 81.8x89.5mm
optional applique face
Quincey 66.1x76.1mm
optional applique face
blinkie 42.6x70.8mm
Kringle 65.5x75.2mm
Snuggles 67.5x72.1mm
optional applique face
Snuggles 67.5x72.1mm
optional applique face
reindeer 52.5x70.3mm
Frosty 52.7x70.7mm
optional applique face
Antlers 59.5x76.5mm
Holly 76.9x77.5mm
optional appique face
Noel 77.1x63.9mm
optional applique face.
Melvyn the Moose

Mittens 98.5x69mm
More Smores 99.9x68.8mm
optional applique
Smore 88.8x99.2mm
optional applique
Noble 104.9x85.9
This design comes rotated
to fit a 4x4 hoop.
Twinkle Twigs
Design Collection $44.99
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Thanks to Patty B. for this
project. She tested these
designs and made ornaments.
She digitized the ornament
Carole Sorsdahl of sent this
picture of her wonderful work.