My little boy always has something soft and fuzzy held up to his
ear. So Zackie doodle... here are the fuzzies.
Mikhaila and Zachary
For each drawing I have digitized two versions--fringe and regular fill.
Instructions are provided for fringe technique. If you are new to embroidery
or the fringe technique, you will want to download the sample for this set and
the one on the fringe projects page. Sewing the samples provided should help
you guage whether you are ready to tackle the fringe versions. These are
fringe intensive and require some planning and thought before sewing.
Available in .ART, .CSD, .DST, .HUS, .PES, .PCS., .SEW, .XXX.
Copyright 2000 by
Stephanie Potts

fuzzballduck 87.7 x 79.8
Sewnduck 8503 x 84mm
sewnrabbit 68.8 x 80.2mm
sewnspider2 53.6 x 7307mm
fuzzbalspider 51.5 x 73.1mm
sewnchow2 87.7 x 87.8mm
fuzbalchow 85.7 x 86mm
sewnape 82.2 x 79.8
fuzzape 86.1 x 79.9
smossi 88.1 x 82.7mm

fuzzbird 81.5 x 80.2mm
fuzrooster5 83.6 x 73.3mm
sewnrooster 86.9 x 72.4mm
frazzle 60.5 x 69.1mm
pompom 41.4 x 47.3mm
dustyslg or plus hoop design (arf files included for sew format)
99.1 x 167.4
fzballbun7 68.8 x 80.2mm
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